Omar Al Anqoudi Law Firm

We are a legal firm adheres to the principle of quality and has been working to offer legal services to establishments and individuals since 2022. We are proud to provide a comprehensive and and integrated set of specialized and reliable legal services and consultations according to high-quality standards, with an insight into the evolving needs of all sectors and fields.

We are proud of our partnership that have trusted us in a short time frame since the opening of our firm in 2022, and we are proud of their evaluation of us through various electronic platforms, because of our constant keenness to provide all the services required by the clients in one place. By understanding the fine details of our valued clients cases, We seek to provide specially designed personalized services to achieve their goals & interests efficiently, thus providing them with a distinctive & exquisite experience and value-added services that meet all their legal needs & requirements effectively, with the least time & effort , and at reasonable costs


In all work entrusted to us , we are committed to the values we believe in, our most important values are:

  • Quality and confidentiality
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Professionalism and specialization
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Work with the spirit of one team


We are keen to achieve a set of harmonious goals, the most important are:

» Providing the best legal solutions to a wide range of beneficiaries inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

» Being committed to the noble ethics of the legal profession

» Maintaining the privacy of the clients and the confidentiality of data

» Continuous Development and permanent improvement of work methods


Quality in providing various legal services and consultancies in innovative , non-traditional methods & in highly professional manner.

» We work diligently to maintain our prestigious reputation by ensuring the quality of our provided work and pushing to be among the legal firms that provide clients with a trustworthy experience, through the optimal utilization of the best legal methodologies and according to the latest standards & practices in the legal field and by using modern digital technologies.

» We pursue hard to gain the trust of clients and focus on their satisfaction by providing legal services that achieve the highest quality standards, and provide distinguished legal representation & care to our valued clients.


Omar Al-Aanqoudi

Office Manager
Lawyer & Notary
Master of Private Law

Maali Al-Aanqoudi

Director of the Women's Branch
Legal and Sharia advisor